Two very Inspirational Ladies


Pixiwoo otherwise know as Sam and Nic Chapman are two sisters and makeup artists that have pretty much slayed life. Over the years they have grown their Youtube channel which now has over 2,000,000 followers and they also have an amazing  affordable makeup brush line called Real Techniques  that is sold worldwide.


I have been following these ladies since the very beginning, I distinctly remember Nic introducing her new born son Harry in a video… he is now 5 years old! Each week I have checked in to see what amazing tutorials they have uploaded and I hold it down to Nic & Sam (and a couple of other Youtubers) that have taught me all the makeup tips I have ever learnt. Youtube has always been my happy place LOL but true.


Having always seen these beautiful faces on my laptop and being truly inspired from their work, when I was invited to a party they were hosting I had lucked out… a real pinch me moment. The party was to celebrate one of their most recent projects;  a documentary by the BBC on Hollywood icons where they explore the makeup trends of the people who inspire them and it was also their 5th Youtube birthday. As you can imagine the party was amazing and I was lucky enough to meet them along with so many other influential bloggers.


The documentary is available on DVD which comes with a blush brush (AMAZING!) and they also have a great book; Face, which literally talks about all the tips and tricks you could ever need. Either of them are a perfect gift for any makeup lover.





I thought I would share this with you as the love is real, they are so talented and I honestly wouldn’t know how to apply eyeshadow if it wasn’t for them! Definitely go out check out their Youtube if you haven’t already, I have even left you with a couple of my favourite videos.






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