Top 5: Summer Beauty Edit


Summer, the best time of the year! Sun, sea, sand, cocktails, tanned skin, lighter hair, life just seems so much better. When I go away there are a number of essential products I have to take away with me to ensure I maintain that summer glow.


Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter

In a nutshell, this is the best highlighter you could ever try. A light orange/golden shade that quite literally pops when applied on the cheekbones. A summer holiday must have as it just adds that golden glow to the skin and instantly lifts those cheekbones.

Moroccanoil Treatment

This is one of those products that I have been using for years and won’t ever see myself stopping. It helps to smooth over the frizz and keep your hair soft and glossy, something that is quite hard to maintain whilst on holiday!

Palmers Cocoa butter

Hands up if you have peeled during/after your holiday; I take it that would be most of us! I have tried so many moisteurisers over the years but Palmer’s cocoa butter seems to be my fail safe product that I always go back to. My skin feels instantly hydrated and it really does help to stop peeling.

Philip Kingsley Elastizer

With bleach in the ends of my hair and as an avid hair twiddler my locks aren’t always in the best condition, so when adding the hot holiday sun into the mix my hair definitely needs a little pick me up. Some hair masks just cover up the problem and glaze your ends making them appear smooth, where as the Elastizer feels like its nourishing your hair from the inside. I like to leave this conditioner in my hair as long as possible so that my hair really sucks in all the goodness. A true holiday saviour, especially when you have hair as unruly as mine.

Khiels’s Ultra Light UV Defense

SPF is one of the most important beauty items to pack when going on holiday, lobster chic is not a good look and no one wants wrinkles. Made for the face, this cream protects your skin without leaving that sticky residue that some SPF’s can do. As if it were a normal face moisturiser it skins beautifully into the skin allowing you to apply makeup after if you wanted.




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