Brush Basics: The top 5 brushes you need


If you are a beginner with makeup or perhaps just a little bit overwhelmed by the choice on the market and you aren’t sure which brushes you need- don’t worry I have it covered!! There are so many different brands, with an offering of 9238574 different shaped brushes (ok slight exaggeration, but you catch my drift) it make it so difficult to know what ones you actually need.

I have simplified everything for you and narrowed it down to the top 5 brushes you need in your collection that will cover you for all the makeup basics; from foundation to eyeshadow.

Foundation brush

Foundation brushes come in many different shapes, the one I have is called a stipling brush whereby the bristles are short and highly packed meaning that you can really buff foundation into your skin. Personally however I find the Beauty Blender sponge the best tool to blend your foundation, as I think it gives a more natural and airbrushed finished (You can find my post all about it here)  With foundation brushes the key is get a tool that really blends foundation into the skin rather than creating a layer over the skin.

Powder Brush

This is the largest brush that you would need  and it has big and fluffy bristles, because of it size it means it covers a large surface of your face therefore is great for bronzer and setting powders  you use over your foundation. The bigger and fluffier the better with this brush as the the application of product doesn’t need to be so specific.

Blush Brush

Similar to the powder brush but slightly smaller in size this kind of brush is great for applying blusher on the cheeks or contouring as it gives you more precision on application but still gives you a diffused and light application. As the bristles are fluffy you won’t apply too make product creating a nice flush to the cheeks.


Angled brush

The angled brush can be used for two things; applying eyeliner and also for using a pomade pot/brow wax to fill in the eyebrows. Because of its small and angled bristles it can easy create the appearance of brow hairs to give a natural and defined look. It also really helps to get a precise winged liner, as we all know, it’s not easy to do so. Rather than a totally thin liner brush it gives you more control over your liner and wing especially.

Eyeshadow brush

The key to any eyeshadow look is to BLEND, BLEND BLEND! Even if you have just one eyeshadow on your lid you always want to make sure that you have gone over the edges so that there are no harsh lines and the colour is dispersed evenly.The best type of brush for this is small with slightly flat fluffy bristles so that you can  apply colour into the crease of the eye easily and blend out. My favourite brush for blending hands down has to be the MAC 217.

Do you have a favourite brush that you can’t live with out? If so what is it?

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